Promo Kit Evaluation

I’ve finished the essay and as I’ve stated previously in my blog posts – I haven’t written anything about promoting. I’m not going to go into detail as to why because I already have in my previous post.
So, over the past few days I’ve been working on the poster. Since the essay isn’t something ‘new’ I can write about, at least for me. The entire universe is something I understand and can write books about. It didn’t take me long to open up about my plan and everything, so I’ve spent more time on the actual poster.
I really hope for the success of this idea because I’ve worked hard to create this universe and I really want to expand on it. Not going to go into detail about the future of this project, but let’s just say I have big things planned for it.
This project let me expand on my creation a little bit more; reminded me of the ways to promote my film and definitely gave me more fire and inspiration to work on the animation. I hope to release a sequel to the comic sometime during the summer, so stay tuned.
Here’s the poster I’ve done for this project:
Ph'Ox Poster

Promo Kit 2

So I’ve looked at some websites to do some research about promoting my future film. They include:

To be honest, I haven’t picked up anything that I didn’t know from these websites. And others too. I’ve linked these sources because they were the only ones that clearly explained each and every tip they offered. I found them useful in terms of revision, but I have some different plans for my feature film. Yes, I will work on my design component to attract audience; I will contact artists and animators around the world to have a look at my portfolio; and yes, I will talk about my film and share progress over the social networks. I think these are the steps that are so essential – everyone has to know them. Not only animators, but concept designers, architects, illustrators, filmmakers, you name it. Basically everyone who is looking forward to an artistic career.
I’m not sure I want to share this in my essay because it’s just that obvious. I know it is called Promo Kit, but we’ve spent an entire year learning about promoting in our tutorials. And to be honest, it’s been drilled into the back of my head, so I won’t forget to do any of the steps listed. I want to share my thoughts about my idea, so I can get decent feedback on that instead of the feedback on my promotion. C’moon!
I want to start animating over the summer, so that I have enough time to make a 10 minute animated short. Yes that’s the goal. 10 minutes of fluent, smooth and beautiful animation.
I don’t need feedback on my promotion skills, I can deal with that later. What I want is some good opinion on my idea. That is exactly why I won’t include my promotion ideas in my essay.

Promo Kit

So for our last project this year we have Promo Kit. Basically an essay describing our idea for our final year animation and how we’ll go about making it. In my essay I plan to shed some light on the universe I’ve created. I’m going to delve into the backstory of my comic, which I created last year, and go into detail with the characters’ backgrounds and their purpose. Lastly I’ll finish off with describing how I’m going to animate it and what I’m going to do to promote it.
I’m very solid on what I’m going to animate and there will be no changes. I’m using my comic book called “The Invincible Ph’Ox” as a storyboard for my animation.

I’ve drawn this action pose for my main character to go onto the wall in our classroom. I want to replace the absolutely disgusting Fox drawing I’ve done last year. It will also be used in the poster for this project.

Phox action pose.png

Some redesigns of my main character:

Ph'Ox New Look.png

Team Live Briefs Evaluation

We have finished our project…finally

It was an amazing experience to me. Mostly because we don’t get to work in groups that often so animating with my fellow classmates was a lot of fun. Not to say that we didn’t have problems and/or arguments, because these always occur. However, we were fast to sort them out and got back to work. Some of these problems include arguments over the style that we were going to use. The fact is that I don’t like going out of my comfort zone, which is bad and I realise that, but for this group I tried to change my style as much as possible. Of course, we didn’t have a lot of time for that so I couldn’t change as much as my group mates would’ve wanted me to. So we had a couple of arguments, and Jegor and Akash had to briefly adapt to my style of animation. I feel like it was a good sacrifice since I’ve come up with my style based on the amount of time I like to spend animating a certain piece. It’s optimal for short, fast paced animations.

As for the sound, we had a lot of fun recording Akash’s flatmate reading our script. It was good to sit back and direct a person doing the voice over, instead of doing it myself, because I could easily spot mistakes in the script and manage the time wisely. Whereas if I were recording myself I would’ve spent more time trying to polish out the timing and I probably wouldn’t notice mistakes in the script.

We’ve presented our final piece to BYG on Tuesday 30th of May, and they were very impressed. For more in depth feedback check out my previous post.

It was a really good experience because BYG were not only our clients but also tutors that taught us many things about working with a client. I personally pulled out a ton of useful information for future works and I feel like this experience will definitely come in handy soon enough.

Team Live Briefs, our trip to BYG

Recently after submitting our final version of the project to uni and to our clients we were invited to BYG for feedback. I was very excited about that trip because they could always give us feedback in the e-mail or even call us. But this time they asked us to come over, which to me seemed quite weird. I was very stocked about the upcoming feedback and so we went.

Basically, when we arrived they played through our animation a couple more times pointing out moments that they like and dislike. The feedback was well constructed and we got good criticism. It’ll be a very long post if I were to write everything they’ve said, but in the nutshell – they were very impressed with what we had to offer. They told us that our animation style isn’t something they’d go for, therefore it made them very proud. They liked pretty much everything, except some tiny mistakes that we had in the animation, most of which included timing errors, but that was it.

I feel like it if we had another week to polish it out – it would’ve been 10 times better. But I’m happy with what we have and so are BYG themselves 😀

Still working (Progress review)

So, here we are.

We finished all of our scenes, now all we gotta do is put them together and send BYG our first draft. Problem is that some of our scenes are missing colour and inking – but because it’s only a first draft, they should be ok with it.

Inking and colouring is being done at the moment. It’s not something to worry about because every scene is very short – so doesn’t take much time to edit them. Although I’m worried that we will have problems putting them together due to the fact that we weren’t using the audio as a reference. This might leave us with some timing issues. However we don’t have dialogue, except from the Sherlock Holmes scene where he says: “Hello? Can you hear me, dear Watson?”

Yeah I think we’re doing really good so far. Gotta wait for BYG to respond to us with some feedback.


Team Live Briefs

So, here we are,
We finished our designs and our pitch presentation.
We’ve been to BYG and they’ve given us green light on our project.
Here’s what we’ve got:

Our script:

Have you ever imagined what the world would look like without the internet?

*Cavemen drawing on wall*

(Drawing of fire #Lit and a like button under it) (Maybe another cave man poking the like button with a stick)

Something like this?

(A man dressed in all black (game of thrones reference) sending a raven with a message on it)

Or maybe like this?

*Sherlock Holmes with his deer stalking hat and a smoking pipe on his old dial phone shouting*

Sherlock: Hello, Hello, Can you hear me My Dear Watson? (in a posh English accent)

Thanks to the internet we can now share our thoughts and ideas with the whole world and it can be done through a few simple touch of a button.

Internet has changed all our lifestyle, the way we do business, the face of entertainment, the way we communicate and most of all the way we take in information.

Fun Fact: as of 2010 there is now 3G WiFi connection on Mt Everest.

Internet has never been so accessible and Learning has never been more fun. Ask your grandparents or even your parents on what school was like for them? Did they enjoy going through 15 different encyclopaedias to find one simple answer? Probably not.

Now Imagine a world without google for instance

*google walking away, and a character reaching his hands like he is saying don’t go, and BING in the corner waving his hands*

How will you ever find out why  11 isn’t pronounced as Onety One,

or What would a chair look like if your knees were bent the other way

or why Nicolas Cage is on the front cover of a Siberian Biology textbook?

The days of sitting there and reading through boring texts are over.

You want to learn a new recipe? Why not play an interactive game on your phone that will take you through individual steps and teach you how to make a gourmet meal. (uses a Phone app)

Businesses are more likely to hire bilingual people than people who only speak one language. But everyone knows that learning a new language can be tedious.

Not through Digital Learning, you can take a language course that is tailored to your learning style, something that is engaging and fun. Flexibility of E-learning allows you to learn when it is optimal .(uses a SMART Watch)

Learning to become a surgeon? Oh what, would we do without you guys?

Well you can now learn through Virtual Reality, It is just like the real thing, except if you make a mistake no big deal you can redo it until it’s perfect. (uses a VR headset)

NOTE*(That * what would a chair look like if you knees were bent the other way* joke can be replayed here, if we have the surgeon accidentally flip the legs and now they are backwards)

Digital Learning has changed the way we take in information. It is very easy to access, you get the freedom of when and where to learn and more importantly it reduces carbon footprint. 

Oh also as a business you save a lot of money. *wubba lubba.. .* *Woah! Hey, that’s copyright, you can’t say that*

–          BYG’s LOGO-

OUR Storyboard:

storyboard,Page 1storyboard,Page 2

They liked the storyboard and are excited to see what it comes down to at the end. They only thing they told us to change is the background colour in panel 12 to their company colour; as well as add females to the scene. Jegor was actually thinking of making the guy in panel 2 a girl, but changed it last minute. So we now have 2 girl characters: the eagle girl and the language learner girl 🙂

GIFs that I’ve made: