For the past couple of days – I’ve put all my time and energy into making an animatic for my thesis film. Although it’s not a proper animatic: there’s no sound, no dialogue, the timing is a bit off and it’s just not complete. But at least now I have a solid base to work off of. Here are some screenshots of my working process:

progress 1progress 2progress 3

Although I don’t have any TVPaint screenshots, here I you can see me compiling all the scenes into one project and adding transitions.
I’ve also done a story board to better help me with camera angles and scene composition:

storyboard 1storyboard 2

I’ve changed a few shots and poses in the animatic, but that was done purely for time saving reasons for when I’ll actually be animating the film itself. Also I’ve made a mistake, which won’t be that difficult to fix, but it does have a huge impact on perception of characters. Basically in the opening shot, in the storyboard, the brother is on the right side of the screen, how it’s supposed to be, but in the animatic he’s on the left. That’s because I’ve done the opening scene before I’ve drawn my storyboard because I didn’t want to lose the idea I had at the time, so I quickly sketched it out. But, as I said, later on I can just flip the image and it’ll be fixed, so no worries for now.

Here’s the animatic that I’ve finished today: