So the 3rd year is here and it’s time to start working again. Ph’Ox is back and the TVPaint is on again.
For my final year thesis film I have 2 ideas that I have presented during the tutorial lesson. Idea number 1 is turning my comic, that I’ve drawn as my year 1 character project, into an animation. And Idea number 2 is continuing the story with an animation.

There are a few issues that I have to take care of though. First idea might not work due to the fact that an ideal thesis film should be as long as 3 to 6 mins long. The problem here is that my script might turn out too packed due to the time restriction, which I really don’t want. The story should be light and easy to follow, which will not be the case with the first idea.

My second idea is more achievable, since I can make the script as long as I want to fit in with the time restriction and deliver the story easily. However, Jeremy, our new tutor told me that I still have to think about the “aboutness” of the characters’ goals.

Anyways, I’m very thankful to Jeremy and our first tutorial lesson for helping me finalise on what I should stick to. I’m more inclined to make my second idea come to life. Hopefully by the time I publish my next blog post – I will have a good understanding of what I’m going to do.