So for our last project this year we have Promo Kit. Basically an essay describing our idea for our final year animation and how we’ll go about making it. In my essay I plan to shed some light on the universe I’ve created. I’m going to delve into the backstory of my comic, which I created last year, and go into detail with the characters’ backgrounds and their purpose. Lastly I’ll finish off with describing how I’m going to animate it and what I’m going to do to promote it.
I’m very solid on what I’m going to animate and there will be no changes. I’m using my comic book called “The Invincible Ph’Ox” as a storyboard for my animation.

I’ve drawn this action pose for my main character to go onto the wall in our classroom. I want to replace the absolutely disgusting Fox drawing I’ve done last year. It will also be used in the poster for this project.

Phox action pose.png

Some redesigns of my main character:

Ph'Ox New Look.png