So I’ve looked at some websites to do some research about promoting my future film. They include:

To be honest, I haven’t picked up anything that I didn’t know from these websites. And others too. I’ve linked these sources because they were the only ones that clearly explained each and every tip they offered. I found them useful in terms of revision, but I have some different plans for my feature film. Yes, I will work on my design component to attract audience; I will contact artists and animators around the world to have a look at my portfolio; and yes, I will talk about my film and share progress over the social networks. I think these are the steps that are so essential – everyone has to know them. Not only animators, but concept designers, architects, illustrators, filmmakers, you name it. Basically everyone who is looking forward to an artistic career.
I’m not sure I want to share this in my essay because it’s just that obvious. I know it is called Promo Kit, but we’ve spent an entire year learning about promoting in our tutorials. And to be honest, it’s been drilled into the back of my head, so I won’t forget to do any of the steps listed. I want to share my thoughts about my idea, so I can get decent feedback on that instead of the feedback on my promotion. C’moon!
I want to start animating over the summer, so that I have enough time to make a 10 minute animated short. Yes that’s the goal. 10 minutes of fluent, smooth and beautiful animation.
I don’t need feedback on my promotion skills, I can deal with that later. What I want is some good opinion on my idea. That is exactly why I won’t include my promotion ideas in my essay.