Recently after submitting our final version of the project to uni and to our clients we were invited to BYG for feedback. I was very excited about that trip because they could always give us feedback in the e-mail or even call us. But this time they asked us to come over, which to me seemed quite weird. I was very stocked about the upcoming feedback and so we went.

Basically, when we arrived they played through our animation a couple more times pointing out moments that they like and dislike. The feedback was well constructed and we got good criticism. It’ll be a very long post if I were to write everything they’ve said, but in the nutshell – they were very impressed with what we had to offer. They told us that our animation style isn’t something they’d go for, therefore it made them very proud. They liked pretty much everything, except some tiny mistakes that we had in the animation, most of which included timing errors, but that was it.

I feel like it if we had another week to polish it out – it would’ve been 10 times better. But I’m happy with what we have and so are BYG themselves 😀