We have finished our project…finally

It was an amazing experience to me. Mostly because we don’t get to work in groups that often so animating with my fellow classmates was a lot of fun. Not to say that we didn’t have problems and/or arguments, because these always occur. However, we were fast to sort them out and got back to work. Some of these problems include arguments over the style that we were going to use. The fact is that I don’t like going out of my comfort zone, which is bad and I realise that, but for this group I tried to change my style as much as possible. Of course, we didn’t have a lot of time for that so I couldn’t change as much as my group mates would’ve wanted me to. So we had a couple of arguments, and Jegor and Akash had to briefly adapt to my style of animation. I feel like it was a good sacrifice since I’ve come up with my style based on the amount of time I like to spend animating a certain piece. It’s optimal for short, fast paced animations.

As for the sound, we had a lot of fun recording Akash’s flatmate reading our script. It was good to sit back and direct a person doing the voice over, instead of doing it myself, because I could easily spot mistakes in the script and manage the time wisely. Whereas if I were recording myself I would’ve spent more time trying to polish out the timing and I probably wouldn’t notice mistakes in the script.

We’ve presented our final piece to BYG on Tuesday 30th of May, and they were very impressed. For more in depth feedback check out my previous post.

It was a really good experience because BYG were not only our clients but also tutors that taught us many things about working with a client. I personally pulled out a ton of useful information for future works and I feel like this experience will definitely come in handy soon enough.