So, here we are,
We finished our designs and our pitch presentation.
We’ve been to BYG and they’ve given us green light on our project.
Here’s what we’ve got:

Our script:

Have you ever imagined what the world would look like without the internet?

*Cavemen drawing on wall*

(Drawing of fire #Lit and a like button under it) (Maybe another cave man poking the like button with a stick)

Something like this?

(A man dressed in all black (game of thrones reference) sending a raven with a message on it)

Or maybe like this?

*Sherlock Holmes with his deer stalking hat and a smoking pipe on his old dial phone shouting*

Sherlock: Hello, Hello, Can you hear me My Dear Watson? (in a posh English accent)

Thanks to the internet we can now share our thoughts and ideas with the whole world and it can be done through a few simple touch of a button.

Internet has changed all our lifestyle, the way we do business, the face of entertainment, the way we communicate and most of all the way we take in information.

Fun Fact: as of 2010 there is now 3G WiFi connection on Mt Everest.

Internet has never been so accessible and Learning has never been more fun. Ask your grandparents or even your parents on what school was like for them? Did they enjoy going through 15 different encyclopaedias to find one simple answer? Probably not.

Now Imagine a world without google for instance

*google walking away, and a character reaching his hands like he is saying don’t go, and BING in the corner waving his hands*

How will you ever find out why  11 isn’t pronounced as Onety One,

or What would a chair look like if your knees were bent the other way

or why Nicolas Cage is on the front cover of a Siberian Biology textbook?

The days of sitting there and reading through boring texts are over.

You want to learn a new recipe? Why not play an interactive game on your phone that will take you through individual steps and teach you how to make a gourmet meal. (uses a Phone app)

Businesses are more likely to hire bilingual people than people who only speak one language. But everyone knows that learning a new language can be tedious.

Not through Digital Learning, you can take a language course that is tailored to your learning style, something that is engaging and fun. Flexibility of E-learning allows you to learn when it is optimal .(uses a SMART Watch)

Learning to become a surgeon? Oh what, would we do without you guys?

Well you can now learn through Virtual Reality, It is just like the real thing, except if you make a mistake no big deal you can redo it until it’s perfect. (uses a VR headset)

NOTE*(That * what would a chair look like if you knees were bent the other way* joke can be replayed here, if we have the surgeon accidentally flip the legs and now they are backwards)

Digital Learning has changed the way we take in information. It is very easy to access, you get the freedom of when and where to learn and more importantly it reduces carbon footprint. 

Oh also as a business you save a lot of money. *wubba lubba.. .* *Woah! Hey, that’s copyright, you can’t say that*

–          BYG’s LOGO-

OUR Storyboard:

storyboard,Page 1storyboard,Page 2

They liked the storyboard and are excited to see what it comes down to at the end. They only thing they told us to change is the background colour in panel 12 to their company colour; as well as add females to the scene. Jegor was actually thinking of making the guy in panel 2 a girl, but changed it last minute. So we now have 2 girl characters: the eagle girl and the language learner girl 🙂

GIFs that I’ve made: