So we’ve got this short essay to write where we have to discuss how 2d/3d animation works or doesn’t work in live action films.
A few films were given to us to consider and take inspiration from, one of which we watched in class: ‘Who framed Roger Rabbit(1988)’ .
Others were Mary Poppins(1964) and Transformers(2007). The latter containing high-end CGI and 3d animated robots.

CGI(Computer Generated Imagery), most commonly known today as 3d graphics in a live-action film, which is a major generalization and misinterpretation. In some old movies like Westworld (1973) and Futureworld (1976) it was considered a luxury; people went to see some amazing footage they’ve never seen before and the majority were amazed by the technology of those years. Today, on the other hand, it isn’t considered a luxury anymore in film, but more as an essential part of it. Almost every picture nowadays has some sort of 3d/2d intergrated graphics in it to help set up backgrounds, make actors look younger, create a certain atmosphere, you name it. Before, like in pictures already listed above, CGI was mainly used in sci-fi or fiction films, however now it has spread onto every genre existing. Before nobody would’ve even thought that romance/drama films would contain computer graphics like in Titanic(1997) or Lake House(2006), yet here we have them. And as I already said, it’s essential. For one reason or another.

Superhero films are a new trend amongst younger audiences today. Take two film/cartoon/comic giants like Marvel and DC with their films that come out every year with improved graphics and some new techniques that make them look appealing to the audience, or help tell the story. In films like Avengers(2012) CGI was used to show other worlds existing in the universe that are beyond Earth and that cannot be filmed with a camera; to show characters like Thor and Iron Man perform stunning tricks and abilities that a normal human actor would not be able to do; lastly create creatures like Chitauri, alien beings that a much larger than a human being, therefore cannot be played by actors in costumes without any graphics applied to them. All of this was made for our entertainment and to show us the levels film industry has achieved over the decades it’s been around. And it’s still growing, new technologies are being invented, more powerful computers and rendering hardware are being built every year. CGI has gone a long way of improvement and will keep growing in the years to come.