So for a week now I’ve been really busy with my animated piece. I’ve blocked out most of the poses in the second scene (3 scenes in total). A little overview of my animation’s structure: Scene 1 is where the audience is introduced to the setting, in this case the building where the main characters plan their heist. Scene 2 is the actual planning phase, this is where the main dialogue about overcoming the obstacle takes place. Scene 3 is the action part of the animation; less dialogue and an introduction to the main villain: Knight the detective.
The first scene is pretty much finished cause honestly it’s just the camera zooming in on the building for a few seconds; an establishing shot.
I’m on my second scene now. I’ve blocked out most of the poses as already stated above, and starting on Monday 13th of Feb. I’ll be working on ‘inbetweens’, as well as modelling my hat store for scene 3.
One of the problems that I’ve ran into during the blocking stage was drawing. Yes, drawing. This is because I wanted to work straight to inked image, which means without sketching frames prior to inking. This wasn’t a problem at first, but when it came to producing animation quickly – it became one. So I decided to actually sketch scenes first and ink them after, just like I did in all my previous animations.

Here are some screenshots of what I was doing over the last few days:
These two images were drawn without any sketching.


So this is where I decided to actually start sketching the scenes out first:
It really helped because it makes the whole process less tedious and/or boring due to constant drawing. Plus it lets me produce needed frames much quicker. I figured, that the style I’m going for in this animation is not complicated at all, so inking in quickly wouldn’t be a problem.