So we’ve got a new project where we have to create a character with two heads debating on the topic of Animation being a genre or a medium. I haven’t started my character design yet, but what I have in mind is two lizard-dinosaur looking heads sitting in the cinema discussing the topic.

During one of our film clubs we watched a series of children’s cartoons like Cat-Dog and Futurama (not really a children’s cartoon, but still) in particular the episodes where the characters were either a two-headed creature that got separated(Cat-Dog) or when two characters merged into one creating a two-headed creature(Futurama).

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Outside of class I remembered a character from the game I play time to time called Hearthstone. This is Ogre Magi, as you can see he also has two heads. What’s funny about him is when you place his card on the table or use it to attack – the two heads start talking and disagreeing with each other on what ever each of them says, which I always find quiet entertaining.

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