It is here. It’s done, and I couldn’t have felt better for finally finishing it.

A few things to talk about that happened:

First, the story. My story revolves around a character named Ike, who’s going to a village to buy some items that will help him with his bounty. He goes inside the bar/inn which is also a shop and asks a bartender for 2 items: a single sided/edged sword and a potion, making it clear that he only has 90 gold coins, and hoping that’ll be enough. But his hopes are ruined when the bartender tells him that these items cost 90 gold each. This is where Ike starts to brainstorm, deciding that he’ll take a sword, but when he finally makes up his mind he accidentally shouts that he’ll take a potion. Realising his mistake he tries to convince the bartender to switch up the items since they come at the same price. But to his disappointment Birmin(the bartender) tells him that in this shop there are no switches and no refunds. Ike sadly accepts his fate and this is where the animation ends.

Second, the process. A few good things happened during the whole process and a the ones that went wrong. So, whilst making this animation I decided to go for a more complicated look in terms of design and animation in general. Also I used more in-betweens and made the animation smoother and more realistic, as opposed to my other animations(e.g. The Line project). However that was one of the things that went kind of wrong. That’s because I did this kind of detailed animation for the first time and still had no idea how to draw it quickly and make it look nice. That’s also the reason why some parts of my animation look jumpy and inconsistent.

That’s pretty much it. A goal for my next big project is to use thinner lines when inking and do more research on action scenes and facial expressions.

Here’s the link to the animation: