My idea revolves around a guy (Ike) who needs to buy items from the bartender/shopkeeper (Birmin) in order to finish his mission. He arrives at the village and enters the bar. When choosing the items he has 2 options: to go defensive and buy some health potions and a shield, or to buy a better sword and go full offensive. He hesitates and struggles to choose between the two. His facial expressions will reflect what’s happening, however I might add an image of what he thinks during the time. It’ll look like a simplified diagram of his plan that will change based on what items he decides to buy.

In the end he makes up his mind and decides to buy a sword to go all in, but his mouth accidentally mumbles: “Health potions please”. At this point he realises that he’s an idiot and his state is shown with emotions and body language. And when he wants to switch the items that he accidentally bought to those he actually wanted, Birmin makes a tiny step to the side and a sign that says: “No refunds” is uncovered, at this point Ike understands that he’s screwed and will have to stick with whatever he got.

Here are some concept sketches I’ve made to show my characters and environment: