So we got a new project to work on for the upcoming week.
Typography is an animated text that usually comes with a voice over of some sort. But can also well without it, with some good music and whatnot.

My idea is to make something pointless. Let me explain.
When I say pointless I don’t mean the whole script. What I mean is that the script will have a certain story to it, will be grammatically correct, and will make sense up until the climax point. After that it will still make sense, but will also make you ask a lot of questions such as: why? what is happening? this is not funny, why am I laughing? it’s so stupid, how is it funny?
Something of that sort.

So right from the very start I’ve had this idea of a short story about a guy and his girlfriend, where she tells him what she did the day before.
Here’s the original script:

“Point of the paragraph: lead to something very important, then ruin everyone’s expectations
A couple sat down on the bench in the park. The guy gently hugged the girlfriend. He said: I love you! She smiled – “Really bro, yesterday went finishing with Boris, we’re on the boat when SUDDENLY a large fish jumps out of the water slams Yuri on the face breaking his neck. Boris takes out his RPG and explodes the FREAK out of the fish. Blood, intestines everywhere. We used to make fun of Boris for bringing an RPG to finishing, now we know” – she whispered. He smiled and died, because he was allergic to bullshit.
The End
Now get outta here!!!”