My final piece is finally over.
My comic – I finished it!!! I’ve spent 4 good weeks working on the most complicated and at the same time simple project. This comic is my favourite creation so far. I’ve never worked on anything as hard as I did on this piece. I really hope you enjoy it!

Now let’s talk about this bad boy! The title is: The Invincible Ph’Ox: Beginning.
I already talked about some inspirations for this character, but I didn’t mention the two most important ones. Spider-man and Batman. Those two characters shaped my thinking process into creating Ph’Ox.
Here’s how. In both these stories, the parents(uncle in Spider-man’s case) die from the hands of a criminal. Bruce Wayne witnesses the whole moment of his parents’ death, however Peter Parker finds out about it after seeing his uncle on the ground. Both of these deaths have led to a character development. Batman and Spider-man fought crime in order to prevent others from experiencing the pain they’ve went through. Same with my character.
Now to the universe itself (A little bit of lore). My characters are from different planets in the Galaxy I haven’t yet named. My world is also unnamed, but not for long. As soon as I’m done thinking about the relationships between the characters, I’ll go on and name every featured planet, race and what not.
The whole world is inspired by Dragon Ball Z and The Elder Scrolls series. The characters in my universe are aware of different planets and systems, but they don’t use ships or space craft to travel to other worlds. They use different kinds of energy, shaman-craft and you can say ‘magic’, however I don’t like the whole concept of magic, so I just have these characters produce some kind of spiritual/inner energy in order to create portals to different planets and dimensions.
Not all characters can do that though, for instance Ph’Ox is not capable of doing that because he trained himself in a completely different way. His goal was to learn runic seals and shaman craft. He uses inner energy(Moh’po) to create them.

I had fun doing this project, because it give a massive opportunity to deeply develop my hero. Also with the help of different teachers, I brought this character to a new level, seeking connection to Golden Age animators. This project also taught me to think the details through before bringing the work down to use in comics, scripts, other projects. And one more, the most important thing to me – this project helped me finally get the idea of what world I want my characters to live in and how they can interact with it and each other to create interesting scenarios.