So for the past 15-16 days I was working on my origin story comic. I literally worked all day everyday to finish it as soon as possible. It is kinda hard when you have 2 or so weeks to finish a piece that you think can vastly impact your life and your future career. I believe this comic to be my largest piece that I’ve ever done in my life. I really want this comic to be my best work, that’s why I’m giving it all of my time, health and patience. When I say health I’m not joking, I think my eyes see a little worse now due to constant pressure from the screen. However it is so much worth it. I really hope this piece will succeed. Ok, enough about the working process and on to the changes and progress so far.

Firstly, as I said in one of my previous blogs, I’ve changed the name from The Invincible Fox to The Invincible Ph’Ox. That’s because I wanted my character to have an actual name, rather than a description, plus if he’s called Fox and looks like an actual fox – people start to think that he’s anthropomorphic animal character. That’s exactly what I don’t want people to think. But because we tend to look at the appearance before getting into the details – people will still call him an animal; a fox. That is why the name was changed.
Secondly, a lot of people complained about the fact that I didn’t give him a tail, saying that he would’ve looked so much better because he’s a fox. Now let me clarify something. He is not an animal, he is not a fox, in fact he is not from Earth, because in the multiverse where he exists – the Earth is located in a completely different galaxy. He is an alien from a planet which I called Shinda. To come up with a name I used a name generator and combined a few names that came up. His species are called Shinux. There’s still no way to show that he’s an alien from a different universe by keeping his present appearance. This is where my origin comic steps in.

I’ve finished inking all the pages now. All I’m left with is colouring and making it look pretty. Here are SOME screenshots of the comic. ‘Some’ because I don’t want to spoil it before any of you read it.

This is the planning sheet(Blurred out because y’know spoilers):

Ph'Ox's Origin Comic Planning Blurred


And this is Page #1 Inked and ready for colour.Page 1 Ink preview

I’ve inked all the pages, now it’s time to colour. I hope I’ll get it done quick.