It’s been a long time since I’ve written my last programming piece. Back in a day, when I was young and hot, I used to love programming because it involved logic, maths and interesting words and phrases, basically all the things I love so so much. In addition, it just looked cool when someone stood behind my back in school and was like: “Man, you’re programming? Shit, I could never figure it out.” – and it just feels so good.

The language I started my programming journey with was Python! I was inspired by my classmate, who’s name surprisingly was also Max. He made a code for his Dungeons & Dragons after school activity that he hosted. It allowed new players to create their character very quickly and was just practical. I was so inspired that I started learning Python on my own to impress him. However later on I’ve discovered that he used Python 2.0, whereas I used Python 3.0, which is a bit different. I’ve mastered the basics in a week and wrote my first text-based RPG game. And when I decided to compare his coding skills to mine I figured out that the D&D program that he’s made was the most basic program that just printed out text when you pressed a certain button. That was a big revelation for me because I thought that he was better in programming, but that day I looked at him and showed him my game. He was gobsmacked – and that was the moment I realised that I’m a superior programmer amongst all of my mates and that time. This made me greedy for power and I decided to learn more…

After that I started learning all other different languages including HTML, C++ and C#, but I never finished learning the basics, so I’ll need to catch up on those.