So I figured out how to use Mental Ray to render the outlines for my models, in order for them to keep the ‘comic’ feel to them, however it’s too much work (not really, I’m being lazy) and will require me to change all the textures, materials for all objects and create two passes for every single one of them. I mean if the deadline was a week later I would’ve done that, but now I just can’t unless I want my work to be late for submission. Anyway I’m progressing with adding little unnecessary details and small objects to my garage! I’ve also made SUITS! Here’s what they look like:
Still 5Yes, I’ve cheated! I created a cube, stretched it out and put a suit picture on one of its faces. I couldn’t be bothered to model because at this point I wanted to finish everything very quickly.
Right now I will animate the camera real quick and add some minor details later.

Still 11