My Maya knowledge and experience are growing each day, much wider now and I’m more comfortable at using the software, however it can be quite dodgy sometimes. And usually not in a way that I would’ve liked it. But overall things are going great! I figured a way to model my windows in the garage so that they have a background and emit a tiny bit of light without adding area, directional or spot light. It was a difficult decision to make because the light (in my case the ‘sun’, which is just a cheap directional light in reality #cheat) shines from the other side and making another light come from the windows will make no real sense. But I solved the problem by making a thin polygon, stretching it across all three windows and putting surface shader on it. I applied glow to it afterwards to give an impression of a background behind it. I also added volume light under the garage door and under the windows to give an impression of bouncing light. To be honest, I’m quite happy with the way it turned out in the end.

I also added wooden planks to go with the style, my character and the atmosphere. The planks symbolise several things:

  1. The character is too lazy and just couldn’t be bothered to install proper glass panes
  2. The place shown is a temporal staying and putting glass in is just unnecessary
  3. Ph’Ox  knows that he has a lot of enemies and he tries to make the structure look as abandoned as possible so that no one would ever think that he’s hiding there.


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