I’m finally finished with most of my details, just gonna add some duplicated objects all over the place to give it a messy look. Also I decided to give the posters on the board in the planning room some textures. One poster has a picture of flintlock guns that I added accidentally and couldn’t get rid of, but after thinking for a short while – I figured it actually makes sense, because to me it now looks like a ‘To buy list’ for Ph’Ox. It shows that Ph’Ox either wants to order/get more guns or already got them and just forgot to put the poster down. The second one makes more sense because there’s a gun on the desk by the board. The second poster however made no sense without any texture or image on it. So I decided to draw a possible enemy that Ph’Ox is trying to hunt down and put him on that poster and have something like knifes pierce the paper, to give an impression of training and practising.
Here’s what it looks like:
Wanted poster for maya

And here’s what it looks like on the poster:

Still 9