It is finally done and I can go back to being lazy again for a little while. However this project made me feel a lot of pain before it was finally over. Things start from the fact that I have to experience in 3d whatsoever and only used Cinema 4d to model before. I used it to model only, but not animate so no experience in camera work either. But since I’ve started the project – I’ve advanced in learning the software every single day. The learning experience wasn’t as pleasant because there are too many features that do different things and it’s very hard to learn them all at once, so I just decided to learn the things I need for this project first, before going into some deep stuff. The lair wasn’t my first project though, it was a cartoony house that I’ve made watching a YouTube tutorial. That first time was actually very helpful because it gave me basic knowledge of modelling, which later on I obviously used again.

When I said learning experience wasn’t pleasant – I actually refer to a series of events that happened to me as I started the lair design. First time I didn’t care about the project folder that Andy told us to set up like a million times – so I lost the whole thing. +1 to experience. The second try came a lot quicker because now I definitely knew what to do and how to model, and this time I did set up the project folder, but not on the local drive, like Andy said, also a million times, but on the network drive and when I opened it the next morning – All the files were corrupted.+1 to experience. The second one was a pain to lose because I’ve already done the lighting and was proceeding to camera animation, but it all got lost, thanks to my stupidity. However these mistakes helped me finalise my idea and do everything A LOT quicker the 3rd time I did it. I’ve modelled the whole thing very fast and spent the rest of the time detailing rooms and lighting. This project really taught me to take precautions before I do anything, especially when it’s something as important as a Uni project.

Now let’s talk about the Lair itself. In my previous blog post I explained who my character is, so I won’t do it again.  Basically I wanted to create a very simple, comic-looking type of lair. I didn’t really have any inspiration, nor did I use any reference, I just went with what was on my mind. I decided to not use photo textures, but go with plain colours instead, because I wanted everything to be simple and crisp looking. I’ve added a lot of guns to show that he does in fact use them, suits to show what he mainly wears and to show his style, ‘gas dispenser’ is what gas pump is called in my world to show that he has a car, and probably the most questionable object – the glowing crystals in the corner of the garage, to show that he has a sort of hobby. Those are the crystals that he collects and the main source of energy in my world, they are actually called  The Monokiahn Stones and look a little differently in my comics.

I’m quite proud with what it looks like in the end, despite all the pain I had to come through. The camera animation was my favourite part of the whole project, mainly because I didn’t follow Andy’s advice this time either, but it turned out quite beneficial to me. The thing is that most people used a so-called ‘camera aim’ which helped them aim the camera better, which made the turning mechanic look a bit dodgy. I didn’t do that and animated the camera right from the view, and it looks alright to me 🙂
In terms of what went bad – I’ve already pretty much listed every bad thing that happened to me above, so no need to repetitions. This project mainly taught me to treat my work seriously and take precautions with whatever I do, also taught me that sometimes not following the advice is beneficial, but usually is not, so it’s not recommended.

Here’s the video, I hope you like it: