I’ve been working on some details in my garage model, but I completely forgot about the texture and the style I’m going for. The problem came along when I decided to give it a long-ago planned cell shaded look with an outline. It looks okay, but the problem is that mental ray – which is our main rendering software, doesn’t recognise the outlines and simply ignores them. Having a cell shader without an outline makes it look very rough and unfinished. So I have to deal with it now. Andy told me that I have to use Maya Software renderer in order to keep the outlines.

Still 4.PNG

Overall my design looks very empty and boring, but that’s mainly because of the character that I’m going for and a lack of experience in 3d modelling. I will try and populate the main room with objects so it doesn’t seem so empty and boring, but I really have no clue as to what to put in there.