So I have completed my second 2d animation, that I’ve been working on for the past 4 weeks. I’m quite happy with the end result, but I still believe that I could’ve added more to the design.

First things first. From the very moment of getting the project – I decided to make it look like an old-fashioned instructional video with a narrator that explains the basics of MRI scanning to the young audience. I’ve achieved the result I was going for, therefore I’m quite proud with myself, however if I could use one more day to edit it – I would’ve used After Effects instead of Premiere Pro and the old style I really wanted to see could’ve been more distinct. But what I’ve got now works too.

About the things that went bad. I really could’ve been more flexible with my designs to be honest. I wanted to use a completely different character, but used this one instead because it didn’t require too much effort to animate. In this project I wanted make the animation smoother than the one I did for The Line project. It is much smoother now, but still very jumpy and inconsistent in some parts. In the beginning I wanted to use two main characters – The Narrator and a kid that would go the the MRI scanning and describe the experience, but I trashed the idea, because it would’ve made the animation too long and too boring in my opinion.

About the things that went well. My overall time management was better this time, but then again I used too much time to develop my idea and the character, like 50% of the time. I’ve also did more research this time AND documented it in my blog, which is important.