I’ve found some really good websites today, I hope they have something interesting that I can include into my essay.



I’ve also done some character designs for the comic. I really don’t know if I should go for the realistic look or more of a Krazy Kat look.

The first website is more of an biographical article by someone named Clizia Gussoni. Here’s something interesting about Herriman that I’ve found in her article:

“Herriman never publicly acknowledged his ethnicity, probably fearful of its effects on his reputation. Some people believe that Herriman always wore a hat to hide his “kinky” hair, but a comic historian suggests that the hat covered an unsightly bump on his head. Herriman’s death certificate lists him as Caucasian.”

This is kind of important, since I never understood what race or nationality he was. But now it is clear to me that he’s officially considered a Caucasian.