Just found one more really useful website:


It’s like an archive with comic strips from various time periods. Luckily it also has Krazy Kat. I’ll use the comic strips to understand his style and try to copy it, in order to implement it in my comic later on.
I decided to go with a cartoony style, Krazy Kat in particular. Because I’m gonna be drawing Herriman mostly – I might as well design him myself in KK style. I’ll see what it looks like and post it the results sometime this week.


Here are some sketches of the characters that I’ve done today. I drew them just to get the gist of his style and get used to drawing it a lot. To be honest I found it quite complicated to draw like Herriman. He’s got a very distinct use of shapes and lines, and that crosshatching that he does – you just don’t know why it’s there, how it’s there – but it works.