So I’ve finally finished my project…

Firstly, I would like to talk about what this project meant to me in general and how it changed the way I think and process some information. How it changed my approach on certain things and how it impacts my future works.
To start off, this is the first individual project that I’ve submitted on time. It is the second individual project, but the first one to come in on time. So the first thing that this assignment made me change in my attitude is the way I treat time and deadlines. I really worked through all the possible ways I could use in order to submit it on time, but I ended up using the one I didn’t really want to use. The fact that it came on time tells people around me, my teachers and most importantly myself that I’ve started treating projects’ deadlines more serious and really started to think of them as something that can impact my future career.
Before I started drawing, I spent most of my time researching: looking at different books, checking out websites, articles, journals etc. I saw my winter break as a good opportunity to focus on research and get as much info as possible. The first week after the break was the most stressful and the most busy week of all time. That was a week when I was putting down all the info I’ve gathered into a piece of academic writing. I ended up with nearly 2000 words in my essay, which obviously made me sad because 800 words was the limit. I had to cut it down to the appropriate amount, thus excluding some of the details from the life of a person I was writing about. However it is a good experience, and no matter how hard it is to put down a piece of writing with a limit of 800 words and at the same time keep all the essential parts in it – I managed to do that. And now, if I get to write another essay, it will be so much easier for me.

Second, about the essay itself. I wrote about George Herriman  and his famous work – Krazy Kat. I talked about his biography, the rise of his career, the birth of the idea, and the end of everything he’s done.
The way I did the whole thing: the essay and the comic – was not the way I initially wanted to do it. I did not balance out my writing and my drawing, meaning, I put too much emphasis on the writing, rather than prioritising both writing AND drawing. This made my drawing look unfinished, not polished, and in a way rushed.
I really don’t want this to happen again, that’s why the next time I get a ‘double-barrelled’ project where I would have to do two things and put them together at the end – I will choose to prioritise both equally.

I enjoyed writing about Herriman, mostly because I was very inspired by his story and how everything happened. I really like his drawings and animation, and I also think that he had the most original ideas amongst all the animators/cartoonists of his time.

This project really helped me understand how to prioritise certain things in the project in order to achieve certain goals with it. It helped me learn and remember how important time management is and how it can have a good as well as a bad impact on my future life/career. It helped me remember how to do good research and put things together. I really hope I get to do something like this again in the future.