The line!
When I first saw the brief for this project – it hyped me up so much it became a topic of my everyday drawing and thinking. All my thoughts were directed onto the development of this idea.
We were supposed to create a 30 second 2d animation with a good story that uses a 3-act structure. The main objective of the story was to implement 3 main features into the script: A main character, an objective and an obstacle that will try and stand in between the first two.
In my animation I have 3 characters: The hero, the villain and a penguin(odd). The main character is obviously the Hero(he has no name), the objective is the penguin who is Hero’s best friend and who is also held captive by the Villain(no name either).

It all starts out with a long perspective shot, where we see all 3 characters. After that we see an angry villain stand in front of the penguin that is tied up with ropes, claiming his possession of the victim and getting ready for a fight. The Hero, however is standing on one spot and not moving, because he is a coward and is really scared of the villain. After that he awkwardly throws the sword, hoping it will kill the bad guy, which to everyone’s surprise does land on the villain, thus killing him. After this scene we understand that the bad guy was very tiny and wasn’t really that of a threat. The Hero and the penguin stand around the dead villain looking confused. Our main character was supposed to be overflowing with happiness and joy, but I didn’t have time to animate those scenes. After that we see The Hero and the penguin sitting on his shoulder disappear behind the horizon line.

This project is finally finished and I have something to say about it. First of all I’m not proud of this piece due to several reasons:

  1. This is my first animation which means it is automatically bad
  2. I just got used to a new software and still have a lot more to learn
  3. I’m not really that good at drawing

I’m also not proud of the fact that I took more time than was available, which shows how bad I’m at time management. But the animation, at least for me, was kind of hard to draw and colour, yet again because I’m still new to the software.

Right, there were things that went well and things that did not go so well. In fact the number of things that went bad outweighs the number of things that went well. I’ll start with the bad ones:

  1. Timing: I’m really frustrated that this factor went too far away from the initial plan. I was planning to finish this a week early so that I have additional time to record my own sounds and music. But it didn’t happen, due to the reasons listed previously
  2. Animation: The 30 seconds boundaries did not let me tell the full story, and/or let me have more freedom over animation. I tried to make it simple, yet recognisable in order for the audience to understand what’s going on. Some colours don’t work, and some scenes are just out of place. Some scenes have wrong timing, which makes the animation either too slow or too fast. In my case it makes it too fast and jumpy.
  3. Story: My story is far from original and this topic has been used in many ways already. Next time I’ll try and write a better scenario for my animation.

Now, things that went well:

  1. Even though my idea wasn’t original, I like the fact that it came to me really fast and I’ve literally spent minutes developing the idea.
  2. I like my characters, I hope that sometime later I’ll be able to implement them into some other animation of mine.

I enjoyed every single moment while working on this piece. And I really hope I get to do this again. Next time I’ll definitely plan ahead and keep time in mind.