After finishing our pixilation project, we were split into groups again; different ones this time. We were given a new task, which is to create a stop-motion animation using found objects.

This project, to my opinion, is much more interesting and a bit more complicated than the previous one, because of two reasons: 1) People are easier to manage/control and move around when filming 2) The set for our stop motion is small in size, which is a little harder to control, however it’s different for everybody, I’m just stating my opinion.

I’m very intrigued and temped to start the project, because I can’t wait to see the final result. In class we were shown different stop-motion animations like “Mary and Max” and one that influenced me the most – “A town called Panic”



This is now my favourite stop motion film of all time, after “Wallace and Gromit” obviously, haha!