My group and I are finally finished with filming, editing and having fun!
The video is uploaded and this is finally over…

I’m saying finally, not because I didn’t like the process, but because it tool so much time and effert to create something like that. And now I can finally relax and work on something else.

A little reflection on our group work:

I’ve really enjoyed working with my group, and I’m pretty sure they’ve enjoyed working with me too. We had moments when Alo and I were arguing about minor stuff, which made me really frustrated for some reason, but despite that I loved working with her and I’ll be happy to work with the same group for some other project. There were moments when I wanted to quit and stop working, but now when I look back at those moments and realise that I was wrong and that there really wasn’t something to be sad and angry about.
There were of course things that went well, like planning, storyboarding and the actual process of filming/taking photos. When it came to planning – we came up with the idea really quickly and went straight into deep planning and storyboarding. The storyboarding process went quite fast as well, apparently because everyone seemed very enthusiastic about the project, which made the whole process smooth and easy. When it came to filming/taking photos, the whole group was already fed up with work and wanted to finish as quickly as possible. However, despite the will to finish things early, filming took us more time than we actually wanted it to, so by the end (when we were finished with it) everyone was very tired and no one was willing to edit the clips. So we waited a few days, but unfortunately one of our group members got ill, so James and I did the editing ourselves. James took the responsibility to edit the photos, in terms of contrast, size and colour filters; after what I edited the whole sequence in Premiere Pro: added music, lighting effects, lens flare etc. This project really helped me remember what group work really is.

This is the link to the video on Youtube