On Monday we were given a project to work on for next 3 weeks. We were split into groups of 2s and 3s, and started discussing our plans. The goal of the project is to create an stop-motion animation piece using humans as models. The theme we have to use for our movies is: supernatural powers/abilities e.g. touching someone would turn them into someone else or something else. I’ve never worked on such a thing before, so I think it’s going to be a bit tricky at first, but it’s very interesting so I think we’ll have a lot of fun.

It really didn’t take my group that long to come up with an idea. I suggested that we make a movie about a girl that would have a mysterious notebook and would trap people inside it when touches their chests. We’ve developed a rough outline of our movie and have an idea of the beginning and the end. Right now all we have to do is finalise and polish out our ideas, so we can start filming our first version as soon as possible.